Health & Beauty Oral Care Dental Floss & Flossers
New Waterpik Waterflosser Cordless Floss WP-360W
Handle/Hose Replacement Kit for WP-100 &WP-900 Ultra Water Flosser and Irrigator
The Doctor's BrushPicks 275 each
Makerstep Ornate Wooden Toothpicks with Holder, 1000pcs (2 Packs of 500 pcs)
Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Multi-Protection Dental Floss Plus Floss - 6 pk. Oral B
Dr. Tung's Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner 1 ea
Dental care vital during pregnancy
During a recent conversation, she said her gums were bleeding and she was ... has dental problems during the pregnancy. I would like information to give her a reason to have her mouth checked before she has pain. - Marie, Reading Dear Marie ...
Low-Income Children Not Getting Adequate Dental Care
The study, by researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles and the California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF), revealed that black and Latino children are especially at risk of having inadequate dental care. "We know that disparities in health and ...
HEALTH: Mobile dental clinic spends summer rolling around the region
offering school clinics that provide education on proper dental hygiene. Beyond the elementary school program, families with youth up to age 17 can also take advantage of dental screenings at regular dental clinics, or via the region’s mobile ...
Study finds securing Medi-Cal dental care for children difficult
Finding dental care for children on Medi-Cal is not always as easy as it seems, according to a study released by The Children's Partnership on Monday. Parents of children on Medi-Cal can search the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website ...
New Oral Health Website Launched by Dr. Martin Giniger
Combining the latest technology, with creative artistry and strategic insights, Dr.Martin Giniger has brought virtually every form of oral health care product to market – including such specialties as non-peroxide teeth whitening gels, peroxide-free ...
GUM Go-Betweens Proxabrush Cleaners WIDE 8 Each ( 6 pack )
GUM Soft-Picks For Wider Spaces, 80 ea
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2 Pack - DenTek Complete Clean Mouthwash Blast Angled Floss Picks 75 Each
New Satin Waterpik Ultra Dental Jet Pick Pik Water Flosser WP130 WP-130 w Tips
Glide Deep Clean Floss Cool Mint Twin Pack 87.40 Yards
Waterpik Wp-700W, Water Flosser And Sonic Toothbrush 2 In 1 - 1 Lb
Waterpik Water Flosser Aquarius WP-660 with 7 Tips and 10 Power Settings
Aim Dental Floss Mint Wax Nylon 120 Yards
Platypus Orthodontic Flosser 30 ea
Waterpik Waterflosser Cordless Rechargeable WP-360W OPEN BOX FREE EXPEDITE SHIP
GUM Go-Betweens Proxabrush Cleaners Wide [3614] 8 Each
GUM Go-Betweens Proxabrush Refills Tight [414] 8 Each
Platypus Orthodontic Flosser 30 ea (Pack of 4)
600ml Electric Water Jet Pick Flosser Oral Irrigator Teeth Cleaning Dental Clean
Waterpik ULTRA Flosser , with 6 Tips ,wp-130
Doctors Brushpicks Brush Picks Interdental Toothpicks - 275 Count
Oral B Glide Pro-Health Advanced Multi-Protection Floss, 6 Pack *Clean Mint*
New Satin Waterpik NANO Water Flosser Travel Ultra Jet Pick Pik WP310/270
GUM Soft-Picks Sunstar 270 Picks 3 Travel Cases Rubber Bristles Tooth Picks
Armonds Pro Picks Six Pack Bag Plastic Dental Angled Toothpicks Plaque Removers
Glide Threader Floss 30 Each
Waterpik Water Flosser WP-462W Cordless Plus Used WITH TIPS & Charger Free Ship
Waterpik Replacement Pik Pocket Tips Model PP-100E
DenTek Triple Clean Floss Picks Fresh Mint 90 Each
Water Jet Pick Dental Teeth Flosser Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator Tooth Cleaner
Listerine Gentle Gum Care Woven Floss 50 Yards: 6 packs
*NEW* WaterPik Traveler Water Flosser WP-310W
Water Jet Pick Flosser Oral Irrigator UV Teeth Flossing Cleaner Dental Care SPA
Philips Sonicare AirFloss HX8111/HX8211/HX8141/HX8154 HX8140 Flosser + Nozzle
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72 Colgate Total Mint Patient Sample Size Dental Floss Exp 2019 Bulk Wholesale
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GUM Go-Betweens Proxabrush Cleaners Ultra Tight 8 Each ( 6 pack )
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Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius Professional Water Flosser *NOB*
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Replacement Tips for Waterpik Water Flossers and Other Brand Oral Irrigators
New Waterpik Waterflosser Cordless Floss WP-360W Open Box
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H2Oral Irrigator
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Dental care should start early
Parents will also have to floss their child’s teeth once a day when molars start to emerge and are touching, Hehr said. “They make handle flossers that ... remember that proper dental care will set the foundation for good oral health in the future.
The 6 Biggest Trends in Dentistry
A set of dazzling white, straight teeth can enhance a person’s natural beauty. We spend thousands ... For most, practising good oral health has become part of our daily routine. We now know that proper dental care can help to prevent and treat ...
Content about Lip balm
Eco Lips launched Mongo Kiss, a lip balm made with mongongo nut oil and formulated with nutrients like vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Beiersdorf has introduced its new Nivea Lip Butter line, which includes shea butter and almond oil, the beauty ...
Survey: Cleveland has nation’s worst flossers
DenTek, an oral care product maker ... flossing - Three quarters of flossers reported flossing in their home bathroom but 11 percent said they will floss anywhere - Why do people floss? 37 percent said for overall health, 25 percent because it was ...
Should You Buy Boomer Health Care Products?
In particular, there has been a rise in health care ... and the floss are extra soft. Anthony Iacopino, dean of the faculty of dentistry at the University of Manitoba and the American Dental Association spokesperson on geriatric oral health ...
Kirk W Noraian DDS, MS, PC
Our mission is to help you achieve your treatment objectives in a competent, caring, and compassionate manner utilizing the latest in proven periodontal and dental implant therapy ... teeth with a chronic low grade infection of the gums as well as your ...