Health & Beauty Oral Care Electric Toothbrushes
Sterline Sonic Pulse Electric Toothbrush w/ 3 Brushing Modes + UV Cleaning Tech
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Dental care vital during pregnancy
During a recent conversation, she said her gums were bleeding and she was ... has dental problems during the pregnancy. I would like information to give her a reason to have her mouth checked before she has pain. - Marie, Reading Dear Marie ...
Low-Income Children Not Getting Adequate Dental Care
The study, by researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles and the California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF), revealed that black and Latino children are especially at risk of having inadequate dental care. "We know that disparities in health and ...
HEALTH: Mobile dental clinic spends summer rolling around the region
offering school clinics that provide education on proper dental hygiene. Beyond the elementary school program, families with youth up to age 17 can also take advantage of dental screenings at regular dental clinics, or via the region’s mobile ...
Study finds securing Medi-Cal dental care for children difficult
Finding dental care for children on Medi-Cal is not always as easy as it seems, according to a study released by The Children's Partnership on Monday. Parents of children on Medi-Cal can search the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website ...
New Oral Health Website Launched by Dr. Martin Giniger
Combining the latest technology, with creative artistry and strategic insights, Dr.Martin Giniger has brought virtually every form of oral health care product to market – including such specialties as non-peroxide teeth whitening gels, peroxide-free ...
Oral-B Black 7000 SmartSeries Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush w/Bluetooth
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Periodontal Disease
Hence, retaining your teeth is directly dependent on proper periodontal care and maintenance. Healthy gums help enhance the natural beauty of your smile like ... conditions are important in maintaining oral health. What Causes Periodontal Disease?
Preferred Provider of Invisalign in Denver Receives 2013 Award
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New Image Laser Skin Center does more than tattoo removal
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Japanese Snaggletooth Craze Spawns Dental Procedures, Girl Group
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Bronx Dentists of East Tremont Dental Launch Updated Website
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Dentist in Columbus Offers Helpful Educational Tools Online
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